Investment Process

The Key to Investment Success is to Match Your Portfolio to Your Goals

Our supervision of your portfolio is guided by your long term objectives, risk tolerance and financial goals. Whether you consider yourself a conservative or aggressive investor, or somewhere in between, we will work with you to determine a diversified portfolio that will match your goals, circumstances and comfort level.

All of your financial information including investment experience, portfolio expectations, risk tolerance, time horizon and tax situation are reviewed to determine how much of your assets should be invested in various asset classes such as domestic stocks, international stocks, bonds and cash.   

Asset Allocation is the Key to Long Term Profitable Investing

Asset allocation is one of the most fundamental decision, which we will help you make for your portfolio. Studies have shown that long-term investors will profit more by concentrating on the allocation of their investments between fixed income and equities and less on the questions of which particular stock and bond funds to hold. 

If you are accumulating assets by investing regularly, you can afford to take somewhat greater risk. We encourage you to choose stocks over bonds. If you have a relatively fixed pool of capital and are dependent on income distributions to meet your day-to-day living expenses, we feel you to hold a large portion of your portfolio in bonds. We also recommend that younger investors, with more time to let the magic of compounding work for them, should to be more aggressive, while older investors should consider a more conservative asset allocation.

Invest with the Best and Forget the Rest

Gaur Asset Management uses mutual funds, rather than individual securities, as the primary investment vehicle to invest and manage your portfolio.  The liquidity and diversification offered by mutual funds versus individual securities are difficult to duplicate, even in large portfolios.  Additionally, mutual funds enable us to employ top investment experts worldwide. 

There are many excellent mutual fund managers in all asset classes, however there are only a few mangers who have delivered top performance in their asset class or investment style over a period of time longer than ten years.  Out of a universe of more than 20,000 mutual funds, our rigorous criteria eliminates all but less than 100 mutual fund managers. We use only these funds to invest our client portfolios. After we start placing our client’s money with these managers, we track them very closely. Mangers are quickly deleted from our portfolios if there is any hint of faltering performance, or changes in management or the manager’s investment style.